100 Interesting Questions To Get to know me Tag (25-50) – Part 2

Here is part 2!

25 more questions you never knew you needed to know.

I tag:
Rachel Read It

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? I have 1 tattoo and 4 piercings in my ears. The tattoo is a quote from Lord of the rings that reads “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Do you have children? I have 1, a little girl.

Do you have pets? I have one asshole dog named Handsome Jack thus named from Handsome Jack from Borderlands.

Do you have siblings? I have a brother and sister

Do you prefer dogs or cats? Cats are death for me. So dogs

Do you prefer Mac or PC? MAC. So much easier to use.

My alter-ego

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? I prefer the mountains. Beaches are fine, but I get bored just  sitting there.

Do you prefer to bath or shower? Baths are my happy place. There is a water shortage in the NW because of how many baths I take.

Do you sing in the shower? Badly.

Do you smoke? Nope. Never had the urge to.

Do you speak any different languages? I speak English, some bad German, and a touch of Spanish.

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Nope I had to have all four pulled in one sitting.

Do you still watch cartoons? Yes. Mostly against my will.

Do you/have you played any sports? I used to be a competitive swimmer.

Does your name have a special meaning? I am named after my grandmother,

Have you ever been hospitalized? Many times.

Have you ever been on a diet? On one right now. Sadly. I am down 14 pounds though.

Have you ever been to a concert? Lots. I love going to concerts. I saw Elton John once.

Have you ever gone camping? Lots.

Have you ever met any celebrities? Quite a few. I used to work at the Bellagio in las vegas for years and they would come in. Never quite as exciting when you see them in real life. Although, Christain Slater did not disappoint.

Have you ever skipped class? I skipped most of my senior year.

Have you ever won something? Lots of swimming competitions.

Have you had braces? When I was 12

How are you feeling right now? I have a cold

How tall are you? 6’0


      1. Madam Mim

        Rubeus does some very cat like things too… he chased string the other day. I caught him with an actual ball of yarn… why is Jack cat-like?!

      2. Beth Tabler

        You know how with cats they can take you or leave you? All attitude. Sometimes when I come into a room, Jack will get up and leave and go lay down in his kennel, or other times he flat out ignores me. He doesn’t pant, play with balls, or want to go outside. He wants to sit in a sunray in front of the window, or he chases mice in the house (we had some mice this winter) and thats it. He is the most undoglike dog I have ever met.

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