Video Game Review – Cyberpunk 2077 – Three Years Later

CYBERPUNK 2077 has been a rocky-rocky road since its release in December 2020. While it’s not exactly been three years, as of September 21st, 2023, it has recently received its largest update yet with the release of its DLC expansion, PHANTOM LIBERTY, coming in just a week afterward. I’ll be doing a separate review for Phantom Liberty but it’s important to talk about the changes for the 2.0 update that changes the entire way the game is played.

The game released in an incredibly broken state with far less than what was implied or promised by the initial advertising. The police system was incredibly underwhelming, there was no vehicular combat, no dynamic chase scenes, and the crowd AI was extremely silly with the cars as well as populace of Night City being dumb as bricks. This is in addition to all of the bugs and glitches that rivaled Bethesda’s Skyrim at launch.

Over the past three years, CDPR has done a decent job of doing an immense number of fixes to the game that moved it from a broken buggy mess to something distinctly playable. Indeed, it was something I recommended at the start purely on the basis of its story and visuals. Plus, the fact I was a die-hard cyberpunk fanboy who was already familiar with Mike Pondsmith’s tabletop RPG setting. Still, the game steadily improved and it became increasingly clear that it should have never been released on last generation consoles when the true experience was meant for the Playstation 5 and Xbox X or S.

The 2.0 update is a wholesale remaking of the game in many respects with something for everyone who has already left the game behind. The changes range from the huge to the small and I think it’s wortwhile for people who enjoyed their first time around to return for a second (or third) run. After having played through the game for a day, I’m comfortable sharing my opinions of what is better as well as worse.

The Good

The Neutral

The Bad


I’m really impressed with what they’ve managed to achieve with this revision to the game and I believe it is finally living up to its full potential. The improvements to the police and enemy AI are enough to justify its existence. I also think the choice to change the clothing so its not an essential part of the loot cycle is a good one. There’s overall a lot less loot and less focus on picking up everything in sight. I think the game is just a lot more FUN to play. It was great because of its storytelling and design before but now it’s just better in every possible way. Those who like coasting through the game, though, will find it a lot tougher. It’s also a shame that this update is something that last generation console users will never get to experience.

Personally, I think now’s the best time to pick up the game if you have a current generation console or computer capable of running it. The new game is better in virtually every possible way. I also think it’s probably best to start over your playthrough rather than continue from a previous save as you’ll get to experience everything from a fresh perspective.

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