The Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! I am so honored to be nominated twice for this award. It means a lot because I just started seriously blogging and I have met so many wonderful people. Thank you to both Abbey and Sam. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

As per the rules: seven things about myself, as well as nominations for other bloggers who I adore.

  1. I am a very tall person. I am 6′ flat-footed. I am in the 99.83 Percentile, which makes me a damn unicorn.
  2. I have a bachelors in landscape architecture. I designed parks and stuff at once time. I was almost licensed before the big recession hit.
  3. I have played a lot of Borderlands 2. Like.. a lot. We even named our dog Handsome Jack.
  4. My daughter was very large when she was born. I joke with people that she was a butterball turkey. No seriously, she was just shy of 12 pounds and wasn’t even full term. They said if she remained till full term she would have been 14 pounds. I also dealt with and was in and out of the hospital of postpartum depression. Someday I’ll get the courage to write about that struggle. If you went through it, and need someone to talk to, email me. I had the worst kind of postpartum someone can have aside from straight psychosis. So I have seen it all.
  5. I speak pretty rudimentary German. I wanted to learn a language a few years ago so I started duolingo. I did it every day for about a year. I do not know a single person who speaks it. I should have started Spanish. Donde Esta la Biblioteca? See right up my alley.
  6. I love trip hop music and electronica.
  7. I have a bottle of water that has both Atlantic and Pacific water in it. We honeymooned on the east coast and I used to visit So. Cal beaches quite a lot.

Plus so many others. Thank you to the community.

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