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Shattered Spirits

by Cal Black

Legends say a dead god is buried under the stone city of Ishcairn, protecting its inhabitants by dashing enemy fleets into the jagged coast of Craeburn. Adjunct professor Corrie Ecksley doesn’t believe any of that, but she knows from her work excavating nearby burial sites that the ancient Craeburn people believed it enough to name the city after their dead god, Ish.

When the ripples of a great war finally reach Craeburn’s shores, a terrifying new weapon is unleashed on the city that not even Ish can deter. A bomb that tears souls from bodies, driving anyone who witnessed the blast insane. But it is not the living that Corrie fears. Displaced spirits are hungry for a body, and care not if it already plays host to a soul.

No bullets can stop them, no walls are thick enough to keep them out.

No help is coming.

No one left but Corrie to stop the carnage, if she even can.

SFINCS – Our Reviews

Catherine Catcho

Shattered Spirits

This was such a surprising read. Just when I thought I had the plot pegged, Black added another interesting level of world building. This was much more of a page-turner than expected.

Quick-ish Pitch:

Archeologist girl filling in her dad’s shoes makes an unexpected stop &  tries to save the world from unexpected evil.

What I liked: 

  • MFC no-nonsense mood
  • The unique turns of the magic system.

Minor Tiffs: 

  • TBH, I wanted more. I wished this was a full blown book.

Favorite Lines: 

“The thing looked at me and screamed its defiance. Then it dug its claws deep into the man’s chest, and with a single great wrench, tore the priest’s soul from his body. I felt the visceral rip more than I heard it. Pale and sickly, the soul writhed in the wraith’s grip, dripping parts of itself as though it were blood. Instead of splattering onto the floor, each drop dissipated into smoke before it reached the granite flagstones.”


  • When you’re in a “Boy, Bye” -kinda reading mood.


SFINCS Score: 8 out of possible 10.

Rebecca Hill

As Corrie is headed into Ishcairn, she is witness to a horrific event. What was once fog is now a wall of ice. As she looks around, she notices most have red tears, blood filling their eyes. She is horrified at what she sees, and unsure of how she was able to avoid being struck with the same affliction. As she moves through the small ferry, she notices that very few have also managed to avoid the red-eyed mystery. As she tries to work out what is happening, one thing is certain. The king did not protect them. He left them defenseless, and this city is one that could be dangerous to unleash. It is said that the gosh Ish is buried there. But where? What is going to draw this new weapon away, and perhaps allow a few fortunate souls to survive?
What a read! If you are looking for a short horror that is going to have you rooted in spot, this is it. Of course, it won my heart over immediately with the history aspect, but the horror – oh my. I was drawn into this story, and COULD NOT STOP. I had to know what was going to happen, and even found myself scooting further forward on my chair, as if that was going to help. (Seriously folks, don’t be like me and fall off the couch when you get to an exciting part). Corrie is trying to save the town, but her actions could end up costing her – and everyone else – everything. I did find the one character, Henry (jerkface) to be the most unlikable of people, and was glad when she decided to ditch him along the way.
Fantastic read, and I highly recommend this one!

SFINCS Score: 9.5 out of possible 10.

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

TOTAL TEAM AVERAGE – (8.75 rounded to) 9 OUT OF 10

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