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Tamazi felt she was nothing like the other slave-girls

shattered sands

by w.g. saraband

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For years, Tamazi felt she was nothing like the other slave-girls. It was not until her master disappeared, the Great Vizier of the desert kingdom of Rilmaaqah, that a power older than the sands themselves took hold of her; a power that could finally free her, or enslave her forever.

Rilmaaqah is in chaos. The fires of rebellion spread, and the winds of change threaten the Mageocracy, as the common people rise with the courage to claim their share. But the sands hide many things, and it falls to an unlikely group of people to put a stop to death, before she sings her lullaby to the living.

My Thoughts

Shattered Sands is a book that had me excited a lot based on its description. The book’s setting was one that hearkened to a Middle Eastern frame. Plus the book has two main female POV characters as well. However this book didn’t quite work for me, I’m not sure what the exact reason was. It could be that the book has a sluggish pace or that this book definitely needs a better editing pass. The world settings are quite dark and usually that’s a plus point for me in my reading. However with this story, it was a tad depressing and the main characters really didn’t strike my fancy. Overall I thought this was an interesting book by the author but it was one that wasn’t to my liking. A 6/10 for Shattered Sands

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Mihir Wanchoo

Born and raised in Mumbai, India. Mihir Wanchoo is a physician and a Masters graduate. He is an avid book collector and longtime reader of fantasy, thrillers and Indian mythology with additional interests in historical fiction and urban fantasy. Favorite writers include Jeffrey DeaverJohn ConnollyDavid Gemmell, James Clemens/RollinsCraig SchaeferRachel Aaron, Rob J. Hayes, Richard Nell, Ilona Andrews and many others. Mihir is also a diehard fan of the Indian Cricket team and  Chelsea Football Club. Mihir currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family, and is ever looking forward to discovering new authors and old books. Mihir is the newest member of the FBC team and helps out with Reviews, Interviews and  managing FBC’s Facebook page as well as the Twitter pageMihir can be contacted directly at Goodreads HERE.

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