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Hello everybody. I’m Cam from the Nerd Book Review YouTube channel and I am so excited to join the Before We Go Blog team! I am a reader who has focused on the Indie world since I discovered the SPFBO competition back in SPFBO 3 and since we are at the end of 2023 I decided that my first blog post would focus on my favorite books of the year, a list full of Indie novels. Seven of the eight books on this list come from the Indie world.

You may be asking why eight? Why not five or ten? The answer to that question is that I had 8 books this year that I rated a 10/10. When I sat down to decide which books to include on my favorite books of the year each one of these immediately came to mind and my only real conundrum was what order they’d end up at on the list.

In past years I have focused heavily on the Grimdark genre and my favorite books each year were overwhelmingly Grimdark or Epic fantasy but this year I really broadened my reading horizons and this year’s list includes my very first Romantasy novel along with two Gaslamp Urban fantasies. There are three Epic Fantasies, a cozy Regency Era novel with dragons, and finally a Progression fantasy that has dragons and krakens! 

Cameron Scaggs

Purveyor of the Nerd Book Review YouTube Channel. Lover of Indie Fantasy.

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