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Why I love this song?

There are a lot of reasons why a song resonates with someone. Their past, their present, or prospects in their future. Maybe that songs lets a part of their soul rock out, or calms the turbulent waters of another part.

For me, it is anxiety. 

It isn’t a new tale. As they say, a tale as old as time. But I have an anxiety disorder that presents itself in panic attacks. Sometimes crippling panic attacks that leave me feeling like my heart is going to explode and I am about to leave this mortal plain. I am not afraid to talk about it and It isn’t something I am ashamed of. Nor should I be anymore than someone who has asthma or acne. It is a hormonal disturbance I developed after I had my daughter and postpartum depression.

This song calms me. Maybe for those of you out there in this wide and beautiful world it will calm you. 

As always, a nod to Drew at Sarcastic Book Geek for the #MusicMonday idea.

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