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Another month is nearly here! As we start to enter into spring-time in the northern hemisphere, and March is a quiet month for me in terms of new fantasy book releases. There are only three books being published in March that were on my personal reading radar (I was lucky enough to get ARCs of all of them!), so without further ado here are my most anticipated fantasy books of March 2024:


The Truth of the Aleke by Moses Ose Utomi (March 5 – Tordotcom)

Last year’s The Lies of the Ajungo (check out my full review here) was one of my favorite reads of the year. A novella with folkloric prose, Ajungo introduced us to the Forever Desert – a place where water is scarce and power is evil. That first book was a dark coming of age tale, a tale that warns about the the nature of truth and lies. The Truth of the Aleke is Utomi’s triumphant follow-up, set 500 years after the first book. As readers we get to see the long term ramifications of the events from Ajungo, and Utomi masterfully explores the nature of cultural memory, historical myths, and the role of history (both real and imagined) in the building of nation-states. I was lucky enough to get an early ARC of this book, and my full review can be found here.


Mushroom Blues by Adrian Gibson (March 19 – Self-Published)

Enter the Fungal-verse with this noir murder mystery set in a modern-ish inspired world. The lead detective, Henrietta, is a human investigating the murder of a fungal child – a member of a mushroom people that humans have colonized. I was lucky enough to read teh first 100 pages of this book early, and interview Adrian on the Dragonfire Podcast, and I can say the vibes are good with this one. I can’t wait for the full release of the book so I can see how the story continues.



The Hallows by HL Tinsley (March 22 – Self-Published)

Tinsley is one of the best authors at establishing atmosphere – especially when it is dark and gritty. Her Vanguard series was a SPFBO-finalist (you can read my review of the second book here), and no one knows how to make you feel like you are slopping through urban grime quite like her. Tinsley returns with a standalone novel (that is not at all connected with her previous books) in The Hallows, a fantasy-mystery set in a 1930s/1940s inspired world. In this universe, there are god-like creatures called Aulds who can take a drug called “Hallow” to get special powers, giving the Aulds control over religion and industry. The Aulds are now about to have their first elected official in human government, but someone is killing them. This story is not quite as dark as Tinsley’s other works, but is perfect for fans who love old-school noir with a fantasy edge. I read an ARC of this book, and you can find my review here.

Thank you for checking out my most anticipated fantasy books of 2024. I know there aren’t a lot here, but the quality is more important than the quantity! The next two months are looking much more stacked, so it will be quite the busy April and May!






Nathan is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology where he specializes in death rituals of the Ice Age in Europe and queer theory. Originally from Ohio, he currently lives in Kansas where he teaches college anthropology, watches too much TV, and attempts to make the perfect macarons in a humid climate. He is also the co-host of The Dragonfire podcast with James Lloyd Dulin. He reads widely in fantasy and sci-fi and is always looking for new favorites!

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