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Hello book world!

After taking a short hiatus, I am slowly working my way back into the book review space. While I haven’t yet rejoined my esteemed colleagues here on BWGB in producing written reviews (though one for Guards! Guards! is on the way), I’m back to making video reviews on my Youtube channel: Maed Between the Pages.

For my return to the channel I decided to do one of Booktube’s favorite videos: The Mid Year Freakout Tag. It allows us to summarize our reading thus far for the year and provide mini reviews of our favorites (and least favorites🍵) while simultaneously freaking out about how we only have a half a year left to read everything else we want to get to.

For a summary of my tastes: my main genre is adult fantasy (of any sub-genre really) but I also dabble in horror, sci-fi, translated works, literary, and non-fiction. I’m also a huge proponent of indie/self-pub fantasy as well.

Come join me as I re-enter the online book space and learn how to film again…maybe we will find we have similar tastes! 🙂 I would also love to hear YOUR favorites so far this year in the comments on this post or the video itself.

Happy reading!

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