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Interview with Fonda Lee – Page Chewing: Title Series

Join Steve Talks Books, P.L. Stuart, & I as we chat with award winning sci-fi and fantasy author Fonda Lee! We chat about her upcoming novella Untethered Sky, the Greenbone Saga, the differences between writing sci-fi & fantasy, and much more!

“I absolutely love going down that intellectual exercise of this is a speculative conceit and now what are all the ripple effects? How would that affect how people live and how economics occurs in this world.”

PAGE CHEWING (YouTube) is an online interview series conducted by co-hosts Taylor (from the booktube channel Maed Between the Pages), P.L. Stuart (author of The Drowned Kingdom Saga), & Steve (from the YouTube channel Steve Talks Books). Interviews range from big name indie and traditionally published authors to booktubers, bloggers, and literary agents. Our goal is to create a space where people from all over the book world can connect to each other through long form conversations. Catch our interviews live to join in the chat and ask questions of our wonderful guests!

You can find announcements for our upcoming episodes on Taylor or P.L.’s Twitter(X) accounts or YouTube pages.

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