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Indie Spotlight – R.E Houser

By April 24, 2019January 28th, 20232 Comments

Books are like people.

They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some books are thick and full of knowledge and lessons to be passed from generation to generation, helping each to advance their thinking or abilities. Some books are thin and designed for nothing more than for the simple and innocent purpose of entertaining.

Every book has those that love it, their copies pages worn thin from being flipped so many times. That exact same book can sit on a shelf, a gift given but it’s reader just couldn’t get past the first chapter. Then there are those who hear the mention of that book and hate and anger rise in their hearts. Just like people, books hit everyone differently.

They have personality, they create relationships, they have the ability to infect the minds of the readers and steal their thoughts. They can be as close as a dear friend.

These days they come in many different forms; printed, digital, audio, but in their core they remain the same. Stories and knowledge issued forth from one person’s mind and transferred into another’s.

The first books that I ever read as a youth were the Hardy Boys mysteries. My parents would check them out from the library for us, and that day was always special. We would peruse the shelves, mentally checking off what stories had already saturated our minds and prepared ourselves for what was to come.

We also loved the “Choose your own adventure” books, as they gave us re-reading ability, but the story would change every time. Although I have to admit, I cheated. When I made a bad choice, I may have flipped back and tried again. You know you did the same. Yeah, I’m looking at you!

As I grew, I started writing my own stories, penning the strange thoughts that bounced around inside my head with grand aspirations of one day handing this book to my own children, and seeing the same expression on their faces that I had each time I walked out of the library with a new adventure in my hands. I craved to see the look of wonder and excitement but this time knowing that the story they were about to read came from my mind, and my heart.

I wrote several short stories and poems, and quickly found how fun it was to hide messages in my writing. Little hidden phrases and coded thoughts, clues to a mystery that only the shrewd and attentive could discover. (My love for this continues down to this day… *hint hint, points at the Anthology of Resuoh*)

As I grew, my reading and writing slowed down, and an adult life set in. Work, bills, social life, religious responsibilities, children, mow the lawn, clean the garage, mow the lawn… wait again already? Life got busy, as it does for us all.

But then one day I was telling a story to my kids and being silly. Talking of the crazy adventures they could go on if this, or that were to happen, and little bits of old stories that were locked away in the darkest recesses of my mind started resurfacing. I figured, why not throw it down on paper, see where it goes? Thus, the Anthology of Resuoh was born.

Originally, I intended it to be a young adult trilogy, and just small ones at that. As the story developed however, it soon became seven books! I have absolutely LOVED writing again, getting the story out and hearing people talking about the discoveries they made, or the process of trying to figure out the book’s mysteries.

It’s so much fun when someone stumbles upon one of the hidden word puzzles hidden within the story, and suddenly has a hint or a clue that nobody else does. It’s not even about making money, although that is nice. For me, I love sharing the story, and hearing from those who enjoyed it. To me, that’s finer than gold!

So, what is the Anthology of Resuoh? Well, I could tell you, or you could read it yourself! Currently Book one and two are available, and book 3 will be released on May 1st on,, and on my website! My website has contests every month with opportunities to win free copies of my books in print, digital, and audio book. And I run free kindle promotions as often as they let me! Follow me to see when you can get your free copies! Or buy them if you don’t want to wait!

I love feedback; good or bad and welcome the comments. I know I’m new, and I know I’m no where NEAR the caliber of many writers, so anything that helps me to grow as an author is welcome.

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  • Scarlett Readz and Runz says:

    This is a very lovely spotlight post, Beth 🙂 Very personable and I love those kids pics. 🙃 (reading it upside down, haha)

    • Beth Tabler says:

      Thank you! Houser is a big family man and I am so glad thatcomes through. It comes through in his stories too. Next week is a spotlight on Chandra press. Completely different in tone, but super interesting.

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