Happy Publication – Shadow of the Day by Nick Younker

Book Synopsis

The suicide of a nine-year-old girl leads a medical examiner and a digital forensics expert to a series of unsettling events. In this quasi-oligarchic future, billions in legacy assets and tangible cash are at stake. The young girl’s death causes systemic unrest in the small Southern Indiana county of Percy, with people torn between bureaucratic loyalty and moral obligation. 

To exacerbate the situation, a rare hacktivist known as “Rabies” has targeted the medical-industrial complex, leading the FBI to Percy County for an unrelated investigation. Eventually, worlds collide. 

What started as a tragic loss in the community ends up shocking the nation. 

“Darkness is a cold virus best kept in the grave…”

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About the Author

Nick Younker has spent nearly twenty years working in local and national media. After transitioning from television to online journalism, he now solely pursues work in fiction.

With the exception of his debut novel, Nick focuses his work on short stories and novellas produced in Grunge Narrative style. His biggest influences in literature are novelists like Palahniuk, Blatty, Chabon, Blackwood, Bukowski and Grady Hendrix. Lyrical influences include Cobain, Vedder, Springsteen, Jett, Hetfield, Hendrix, Morrison and Roky Erickson. 

He’s a father of two children and has spent most of his life in Southern Indiana, excluding three years in Atlanta while working with Turner Entertainment.

You can catch up with him on Goodreads and Twitter (@NYounker), active daily on both

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