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Kindle Unlimited is a service that can theoretically provide you with limitless numbers of books for the price of one normal release every month. This is a tremendous blessing for those of us who are fast readers. I pretty much have read every single Red Sonja comic ever written thanks to Dynamite Entertainment putting almost all their comics on the service.

However, what we here at Before We Go want most is good Kindle Unlimited books. As such, here is a recommendation of a bunch of entertaining ones that I’ve enjoyed and can say rise above the dross.

1. She Dreams of Fire by MK Gibson


She Dreams of Fire is an excellent urban fantasy story about a medical doctor who is a serial killer, a cannibalistic talking rabbit, and a young woman raised by two monsters from Greek Mythology. They hunt witches. Only bad witches, though, which are distressingly common as they have killed all the good ones. There’s a mixture of darkness and humor in this story which is just right for those of us who are fans of the Dresden Files and Mercy Thompson.

I admit I like this one primarily because it’s just a very entertaining lighthearted Buffy-esque story that also does the early seasons of Buffy thing where it suddenly zig-zags into horrible traumatizing stuff. The whiplash is entirely purposeful and a lot of fun. While I prefer the author’s Technomancer and Villain’s Rule books, I think this is a really entertaining one as well.

About She Dreams of Fire

2. Dragon Heist by Alexander C. Kane



Alexander C. Kane’s writings are some of the funniest ones on Kindle Unlimited and if you haven’t tried his Andrea Vernon series then you’re missing out. However, Dragon Heist may be even funnier and I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t listened to it to give it a try. This is a book that works wonderfully on the page but if you have an extra audiobook credit then I suggest using it instead as the narrator makes it even better.

The premise is that the Earth has been taken over by dragons but they haven’t really impacted the Earth much other than saying they’re in charge and taking the lions (err, dragons) share of all the precious metals in the world. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is too small for a dragon but one shows up anyway and adopts a failed child actress turned cartoon voice actor as his mouthpiece. They’re going to rob the dragons of Tennessee!

About Dragon Heist

3. Star Risk Ltd by Chris Bunch


The late Chris Bunch was one of my favorite writers and I really enjoyed his books when they were traditionally published. I was pleased to see that they’ve since been put up on Kindle Unlimited. Star Risk Ltd us is one of my favorite humorous sci-fi series and that is high praise if you know anything about me. It is a story about a group of A-Team-esque group of oddballs and specialists who form a mercenary company to do weird jobs in SPACE. This includes going after a bunch of terrorists/pirates who are making a mining colony into a hellhole for the locals. Can you guess there’s corporate greed involved?

What is Star Risk?

For the right price, they’ll go anywhere in the galaxy. They’ll do anything, fight anyone, face any danger.

M’chel Riss was stagnating in the Alliance Marines, assigned to a desolate post in the middle of nowhere. Then a fortuitous chance brought her to the attention of Star Risk, Ltd., a ragtag bunch of misfits struggling to make a living. Their first mission: spring a dangerous super-soldier trapped in a maximum security prison.

For money, fame, glory . . . mostly money.

4. Crackle and Fire: An Angela Hardwicke Sci-Fi Mystery by Russ Colchamiro



I’m a huge fan of film noir and detective fiction, so combining it with a surreal cross-dimensional Planescape-esque dystopia was right up my alley. Angela Hardwicke is a great character and one that I very much appreciate the very human flaws of. As an ex-drug addict and single mother, she’s someone who is trying to rebuild her life in this story even as she’s driven to solve the murder out of a misguided sense that it will bring her redemption. Good stuff!

What is Crackle and Fire?

“Russ Colchamiro has staked out a territory uniquely his own: Angela Hardwicke is a science fictional female PI and damn good at what she does. He mines a vein of pulp fiction gold that’s all his. Let’s hope he doesn’t walk away from the table.” –Nicholas Meyer, writer/director, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Part Blade Runner, part Doctor Who, part Sarah Connor, Angela Hardwicke isn’t just any private eye.

She’s a PI from Eternity, the cosmic realm responsible for the design, creation, and maintenance of the Universe. When accountant Gil Haberseau hires her to find an intern with stolen corporate files, Hardwicke soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly case of lies, intrigue, and murder, clashing with vengeful gangsters, MinderNot rallies, and a madman who’s come a long way to get what he wants.

In Russ Colchamiro’s thrilling Sci-Fi mystery Crackle and Fire, Angela Hardwicke learns once and for all that when it comes to being an intergalactic private eye, there’s no telling what threats she may face on-realm and off… including the demons that lurk deep within her soul. Bonus story included! The AI-themed Angela Hardwicke murder mystery, “The Case of Jarlo’s Buried Treasure”

5. Galactic Vice by Jake Bible



What is Galactic Vice?

It all starts with an interstellar cargo barge full of corpses…

The criminal scum of the galaxy have found a new playground and its name is Jafla Base. Now Galactic Vice Detective Etch Knowles has to infiltrate that playground before the criminal syndicates end up in all-out war.

Corruption on every level of government, brutal violence around every corner, alien races that consider humans the lowest of low, and a laser blaster always pointed at his back, Knowles needs Galactic Vice Lieutenant Angie McDade and Galactic Vice Detective Kalaka to back him up. Their job is to keep Knowles from getting his head blown off or die trying.

But there are forces at work that want nothing more than for Jafla Base to burn. And some of those forces may be coming from within the Jafla Base Vice Squad itself!

Action, intrigue, corruption, lust, and greed fuel the never ending thrill ride that is Galactic Vice!

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