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Many readers I know don’t like to start unfinished series. Whether it is because of our cultural shift to binging or the trauma that authors like George RR Martin and Patrick Rothfuss have instilled in us, many fantasy readers like the satisfaction that knowing a story is complete and that they can seamlessly move from one book in a series into the next. If this describes your reading preferences, then there are a many excellent series with announced conclusions in 2024. This list is just five series ending in 2024 that I have loved. There is no better time to pick these series up so that you are ready for when the finales drop!


The Ending Fire Trilogy by Saara El-Arifi

This trilogy so far has had it all – critiques of colonialism, queer romances, a cool blood-based magic system, political games/trials, and twists upon twists. The first book in the series, The Final Strife, introduces readers to a fascinating world and large cast of characters, some of whom you’ll love and some of whom you’ll hate. The first book utilizes so many tropes from the genre, including a magical tournament, but blends and elevates them so that you don’t even realize its using so many famous tropes. The second book in the trilogy, The Battle Drum, is one of the best second books I have ever read. El-Arifi expands upon the world and its mythology without the story feel likes its sprawling out of control, and she completely upends everything we thought we knew about what this story and its world are actually about. The Battle Drum was featured as one of my top book of 2023.

The final book, The Ending Fire, is set to be released on September 10, 2024 in the US by Del Rey.


The Spellbinders and Gunslingers Series by Joseph John Lee

This has quickly become one of my favorite series! Set in a fantasy world analagous to the colonial period in the Americas, Lee explores the suppression, genocide, and forced migrations of indigenous peoples. Anchored by a cast of characters that leap of the page (including an evil Columbus-like villain), Lee introduces readers to a world that is all-too familiar in The Bleeding Stone, and then completley ups the ante in his sequel, Children of the Black Moon. This second book is superior in nearly every way, and I have never had a book make me so uncomfortable (in the best way) as I didn’t know how to morally feel about any of the characters or their actions. Lee has created some truly special here, and it has flown way too far under the radar until now! The bfinal book comes out soon, and while you devour the first two books you can also check out a novella set in this world, Pale Nights, Red Fields.

The third and final book in the series, Title TBA, is set to release in late spring 2024.


The Between Earth and Sky Series by Rebecca Roanhoarse 

Rebecca Roanhoarse shook the fantasy world with Black Sun, the first book in her acclaimed Between Earth and Sky trilogy. An epic fantasy set in a world inspired by indigenous culture in the Americas, Roanhoarse introduced readers to cultures and characters that have been woefully underepresented in fantasy. I’ll admit that I have been famously critical of this series, mostly because the second book, Fevered Star, is a case study victim of the dreaded “Second Book Syndrome”, but the fascinating characters and worldbuilding have kept me coming back and eagerly anticipating the final volume, Mirrored Heavens.

Mirrored Heavens is expected to be published on June 4, 2024 in the US by Saga Press.


The Cruel Gods by Tru Skies


Enter a world where the gods are tyrants, demaning tribute and worship from their mortal subjects. As a deal between the humans and gods, some humans get to live in the city of Chime, a safe haven in the middle of the twelve realms from the power and vengeance of these cruel deities. Chime acts as a go-between of the mortal realms, each under the vice grip of a different god. The worldbuilding in this series is immaculate; a gaslamp fantasy world with so many different realms we get to visit and explore. The first book in this series, The Thirteenth Hour, was a SPFBO finalist, and one of my top reads of 2022. I have the second book in the trilogy, The Children of Chaos, on my March TBR so that I am ready to read the concluding volume! Readers salivating for more content can also pick up the short story collection set in the same world, Tales Across the Domains, as well as a novella/worldbuilding companion, The Traveler’s Handbook to Chime and Beyond.

The final book of the Cruel Gods, The End of Time, is set to be released on May 1, 2024. This series is independently published.


Empire of the Wolf by Richard Swan

The Empire of the Wolf trilogy started as a fairly generic epic fantasy with a fun twist – Law and Order: Fantasy Edition. Never before have we seen “legal fantasy” done to this level. I walked away from the first book, The Justice of Kings, liking but not loving Swan’s medieval inspired worldbuilding and treatises of legal philosophy. However, the release of the second book, The Tyranny of Faithramped up everything that I loved about the first book and became one of my top reads of 2023. Anything generic was thrown out the window as demons, necromancers, and religious tyrants make their metaphysical and political power moves. I have read an ARC of the conclusion of the trilogy, The Trials of Empire (my full review here), and Swan absolutely nails the landing in one of the most intense and climatic trilogy-closers I have ever read in fantasy. Vonvolt may be one of my favorite complex, morally grey characters, and I will very much miss this world.

The Trials of Empire was released on February 6, 2024 in the US by Orbit Books.


Nathan is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology where he specializes in death rituals of the Ice Age in Europe and queer theory. Originally from Ohio, he currently lives in Kansas where he teaches college anthropology, watches too much TV, and attempts to make the perfect macarons in a humid climate. He is also the co-host of The Dragonfire podcast with James Lloyd Dulin. He reads widely in fantasy and sci-fi and is always looking for new favorites!

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