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I am pleased to announce a birthday author special for Toni Cox.

What is this about?

The Epic Fantasy Birthday Deal

2nd to 8th April 2020

It is my birthday month and to celebrate I am putting my most popular series on special. Grab it between the 2nd and 8th of April 2020 and dive into some epic fantasy with elves, dragons, and magic to make you forget your quarantine blues.

Elemental Rising at $ 2.99 – $ 0.99

Elemental Betrayal at $ 3.99 – $ 1.99

Forbidden Elemental at $ 4.99 – $ 2.99

Trilogy link

Elemental Rising

by Toni Cox

Purchase Here

About the Book

A threat older than time threatens the nation and only one can prevent annihilation.

All her life, elven princess Maia trained to become an Elemental – a Prime Elemental.

After completing her final test, life was supposed to return to normal and she was supposed to find her place in society as their new Prime.

Fate has other ideas.

A threat older than time is at the Gate of Grildor

An enemy fiercer than any they’ve faced before.

Grildor prepares for war, but the nation looks to Maia as their Prime Elemental to protect them.

Hiding her fears and insecurities, Maia prepares her dragon Midnight for battle. When the Omen of Death starts appearing to her, Maia is certain it’s a sign of their impending defeat.

Can Maia become the Prime Elemental her people need?

Find out now in this magical fantasy of an elven princess and the journey to become who she was meant to be. Toni Cox grabs you from the first page and takes you on a rollercoaster through a magical kingdom and the evil one princess must stop to save a nation.


“Cox has created characters; a world; a story that is Tolkien worthy. She has developed something unique and rich in imagination.” 

Sian B. Claven (Author of The Butcher books)

Elemental Betrayal

by Toni Cox

Purchase Here

About the Book

Still reeling after the war of Greystone, the nation of Grildor spend the winter moons mourning. Maia is in despair because of their losses and the absence of Blaid, but her position as princess and Prime Elemental demands that she tour the country as ambassador. Accompanied by Riker, Maia travels to assure her people they are safe.

But things are not as they appear.

This time, Grildor has been betrayed by one of their own.

There is a traitor amongst them with a weapon more powerful than they could imagine.

With her nation weak and decimated, Maia must once again lead them to war.

Will Maia’s magic be enough this time?

Find out now in the second installment of the Elemental Series. Toni Cox takes things to the next level with unexpected twists and an enemy they never expected to face.

“Maia is an incredible character to follow. Toni Cox has managed to bring something new, exciting, and seriously addictive to the fore.”

Robyn Victoria Castles (TBB)

Forbidden Elemental

by Toni Cox

Purchase Here

About the Book

Twice they have won the battles at Greystone, but will the war ever be won?

Princess Maia is restless while the nation of Grildor tries to recover from the last battle they faced.

A strange whisper calls to her on the wind and she cannot find peace within the beautiful city of Shadow Hall.

The king worries that the Vampyres will strike as soon as the winter is over. While he prepares his armies, Maia steals away under cover of darkness, leaving everything she knows behind.

With her dragon, Midnight, Maia embarks on a journey to find the one person who might be able to help them win this war – Death.

What she finds, is more than she bargained for, and to save her people, Maia must first lose herself.

Will Maia be able to make the sacrifice and return to Grildor in time before the enemy attacks again?

The third and final installment of the Elemental series takes you on a fast-paced magical adventure to learn the fate of Grildor. 

Will this be the war that ends the elven Kingdoms forever?

“I fell in love with this world and its characters and became utterly invested in their trials and tribulations. Toni Cox has a wonderfully rich imagination and brings Elveron and the Elves, and Midnight the dragon, to glorious life. Utterly entrancing.”

Elaina J. Davidson (Author of the Lore of Sanctum Series)

About the Author

Born in Germany in 1976, International Bestselling Author Toni Cox moved to South Africa in 1991. Although she has spent much of her working career in the timber wholesale business, she is also an accomplished horse rider, has a diploma in project management, photography, and nutrition, and has a passion for books and all things fantasy.

From a young age, her dream had always been to put her imagination into words. When she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013, she decided life is too short not to follow her dream. With the support of her husband and three children, she began writing book 1 of the Elemental Trilogy in January 2015.

Toni Cox writes Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy. She is a firm believer in dragons.







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