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Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

Space Western Fantasy. 

Space Western Fantasy. 

Space Western Fantasy. 

About the Author

Alex valdiers

Alex Valdiers is a French indie Space Western Fantasy author of Laotian descent who currently lives in the South of England. The lack of a suitable platform and market for French Fantasy prompted Valdiers to move to the UK in 2012. After years of practice, his debut novella The Choice of Weapons, the first Raoke Gang novella, was released in August 2023 and reached the SFINCS Semi-Finals.

His debut novel, A Wolf in Space, the first Raoke Gang novel, was released on January 23rd, 2024.

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“There are good dragons and bad dragons. And then there are mad dragons…”

About Death of a Mad Dragon - A Raoke Gang by Alex Valdiers

The Raoke Gang goes on a wild dragon chase. A horde of dragons crushes the Raoke Gang’s plans to rob a space cruise liner. In the heat of the battle between humans and dragons, the Raoke Gang vouches for the losing side: the dragons. They end up crashing on a desertic planet ruled by a dragon lord named Ezemiel. In their attempt to escape the planet, the Raoke Gang soon finds out that an army of wizards has chained Ezemiel, and are using its blood to craft incredible spells. With the dragon under their control, the wizards are pillaging and destroying every town in sight.

The Raoke Gang has one last dragon to save before they can leave this planet.

Death of a Mad Dragon is a stand alone in the Raoke Gang series.

About the Novel

The novel is edited by Sarah Chorn and proofread by Dominish Books. You do not need to have read the previous installments in the Raoke Gang series. The genre is Space Western Fantasy.

The release date is June / July. ARCs will be available from early April.

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