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Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

Cover Release! 

About Book 1 - Vultures

An enemy slain is not a conflict won…

After decades of war the demon Te Mirkvahíl is dead. But its progeny endure, spilling from the Heart of Mirkúr, sowing death across the land of Ariath. If the people are to finally know peace, the Heart must be destroyed. Theailys An believes he can do just that with The Keepers’ Wrath, an infamous power focus wrought in Ariath’s yesteryears—but the weapon first must be reforged.

War spares no one…

Serece never intended to get involved in Ariath’s war. But history and demons have a way of pulling strings. When she learns Theailys An, a man whom she abhors, bears striking similarity to the first creator of The Keepers’ Wrath, Serece departs her mountain world for Ariath to ascertain the truth.

From patience, hope…

For millennia Behtréal has walked the world alone. Rewriting history to resurrect his people is easier said than done. But Ariath holds the key–soon The Keepers’ Wrath will be remade.

Truth from madness…

As paths converge and a shadow falls across Ariath, one thing becomes increasingly and horrifyingly clear—these events have played out many times before.

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House of Muir by Luke Tarzian


The war that was won, is lost. His country razed and friends dead, Cailean Catil seeks the miserable solace of inebriation. But fate has other plans for ill-lucked men.

An ocean away, he returns to the Galrun Muir, the order from which he was previously exiled. Seeking answers as to why they now worship the monster haunting his dreams, Cailean embarks on a quest to confront the ghost of Gabriel Muir and seal his tomb. Should he succeed, all will be made clear.

But some truths are better left dead.


Fiel has lost everything. Her niece is dead at the hands of Te Mirkvahíl and her country has been razed by the demon’s legions. But fate has other plans for ill-lucked women.

An ocean away, in the city Harbanan, Fiel resumes her search for Vare Tal-úlm. Her journey leads her to the monster-hunting Galrun Muir who claim not only to have knowledge of Vare, but of Fiel’s previous visit to their hallowed grounds.

Lady Mirkvahíl, they say, has returned.


Behtréal has won. Helveden is a ruin, the Ariathan Empire is dead, and The Keepers’ Wrath is his to wield. With it, in the dead city Banerowos, he can rewrite history and reclaim lives lost—he can bring his people back.

But things are not so simple as that, for within the dead city Behtréal must contend with the guilt of memory and all its ghosts.


The doors have opened.

Welcome in.

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