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  • I’ve never actually read a classic novel (Though I plan on changing that this year
  • Before I had start blogging, the only genre of books I’d read were YoungAdult, Paranormal Romances, Erotica’s and anything to do with vampires/werewolves (specifically) and Historical Romances.
  • I’m slightly more attracted to books with beautiful covers and have been guilty of judging a book by its cover.
  • I’m also guilty of encouraging my boyfriend to play one of his computer games knowing he’ll get stuck into and I can then get stuck into a book.
  • I get a little satisfaction in seeing a little ‘worn and torn’ on my books. It shows me just how much I have and still do enjoy reading them.
  • I struggle to read one of my books (paper back & e-book) when I’m anywhere but home. I find I’m far too easily distracted, and my anxiety is always too high to focus on anything.
  • When my mum bought me my first kindle, I fell instantly in love with it and spent months on a reading spree going through all the free books that had become available to me.
  • Despite the love I have for my kindle, there is nothing I love more than a holding a physical book in my handing and smelling the paper
  • Which brings me to confession 9. I’m a book sniffer, yes, I hold my hands up high. I sniff my books, I don’t know what it is about the smell, but it relaxes me and makes me feel peaceful… and a little excited knowing that I’m about to dive into a different world of someone else’s making.
  • I don’t really like to read a book unless I KNOW it’s a series, I need to know there is going to be more after reading the first. I’m never satisfied with just one (unless it’s truly a good read).
  • I’ve once spent 3 days with no sleep (the only things I did were take care of my hygiene, read eat, read, go to school, then read and repeat.) just so I could sit there for hours binge reading a book series. I obviously didn’t manage to read all the books in the days (there were too many) however it only took me another 3 days – this time with sleep – to finish them and I enjoyed every second and every minute I spent reading them!
  • I’ve never read a Harry potter book.
  • I once read a book in a day half a day, bought the next one, finished that by the end of the day and cried because I had to wait more than a year for the next one.
  • My boyfriend often gets annoyed with me before coming to bed because there is usually a pile of books waiting for him to remove from his side of the bed when he gets there…(Sorry, Love!)

Yay for Bookish Confessions! Thank you Little Tinkablee for sharing your confessions with us.

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  • Hannah Read says:

    Love these! I’ll hold my hands up and admit I also judge books by their covers, and I totally sniff them as well! Book smell is sooooo good, they should make a perfume of it or something!

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