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What Have we been up to

What an exciting month! Out of 60 SPFBO top ten finalists for the last 6 years, Before We Go put up 48 reviews! Thank you to the team of awesome bloggers who helped make this come true.

These Include

Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub

Author Sarah Chorn

Justine Bergman

Mihir Wanchoo

Petrik Leo

As well as team BWGM – Ryan, Steve, Eleni, and Ganesh. You are awesome!


The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids
What Remains of Heroes
Under a Colder Sun
City of Burning Shadows
Sins of a Sovereignty Plague Jack
A Soul for Trouble
Blood Rush – ben galley
Shattered Sands
The Weight of a Crown


The Grey Bastards
Path of Flames
The Moonlight War
Assassin’s Charge
The Music Box Girl
Fionn: Defence of Rath Bladhma
The Shadow Soul


Sufficiently Advanced Magic
Pilgrimage to Skara
Devil’s Night Dawning
The Crimson Queen
The War of Undoing
Where Loyalties Lie
Chaos Trims My Beard
Jack Bloodfist: Fixer
The Way Into Chaos
Tiger Lily


Aching God
Gods of Men
We Ride the Storm
Sworn to the Night
Out of Nowhere
Ruthless Magic
Symphony of the Wind
The Anointed


Beggar’s Rebellion
Never Die 
Spark City
A Tale of Stars and Shadow
Blade’s Edge
Kalanon’s Rising
The Sword of Kaigen
A Sea of Broken Glass
Blood of Heirs
Fortune’s Fool


Voice of War
Last Memoria
Shadow of a Dead God
The Combat Codes
Nether Light
Voice of War
The Lost War 
Darkness Forged
Wind From
The Wilderness 
Black Stone Heart
The Fall of Erlon
Fortune’s Fool

What are we doing in march

March is going to be a fun collection of reviews and interviews. We are calling it, “Get to Know An Author.” Each day of March we are dedicating the day to a single author. It is going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully introduce people to new authors.

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