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Sundered Moon by Fae-rynn, showing a woman with a big-ass gun against a futuristic backgroundThis book was a ton of fun, an aged-up homage to G-Witch with enough action (both kinds) to keep you riveted to the page. This is a trans sapphic space opera, the first of its kind that I’m aware of, a heady mix of spicy romance, mecha battles, and intergalactic revolution. Oppression and freedom, both on a personal level and a societal one, are major themes; the struggle to liberate the self from the chains of society becomes the struggle to free everyone else in the society, and one it’s hard not to root for.

I’m not super into mechas as a rule, but I enjoy what trans authors do with them especially as a kind of avatar for the self. I loved how the MC was integrated into her mecha and how it was personalized to her, an extension of the body. This theme was prevalent throughout the book, from the body modifications the characters get on earth to the way Grainne talks about her relationship to tech. It’s a utopian vision of a future in which you can be anything, become anything, and make the world to suit your needs even as you sculpt your body to better express who you are.

One thing that pulled me out of the story on occasion was the resolution of interpersonal conflicts and attractions. Everything moves at the pace of a mecha battle, and things tended to get solved rather easily. I would have liked a bit more tension in the forming of the relationships and a few other key scenes where everyone gets okay with sudden change rather quickly. I’d have liked to slow down and see a bit more emotional friction at times, but the overall arc of the relationship(s) and the romance(s) were enjoyable and they related well to the sci-fi plot.

And of course I can’t review a romance (and this is a poly lesbian romance, to be clear) without talking about the smut. Fae’Rynn delivers an amazing opening sex scene and doesn’t shy away from giving us the heat we deserve early and often. Cis and trans characters blend together in a frenzy of love and lust, and the sex scenes were great, with excellent use of tech, a particular favorite of mine.

In short, if you’re looking for a fun, fast read with trans-inclusive poly lesbian romance, giant space robots, and a hearty side of social justice, Sundered Moon is the book for you.



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