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What is Dragon Heist?

The world’s smallest dragon and a washed-up actress team up to strike a blow for humanity in this brand-new adventure by the author of the “Andrea Vernon” and “Orlando People” series.

Birdie Binkowitz is just a little bitter. As a young actress, she was the toast of Hollywood, definitely destined for greatness. Then the dragons had to rise up from their thousand-year slumber, take over Earth and ruin everything. Twenty years later, Birdie is living her worst life in her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, working at her father’s Seed and Feed (and Bagels).

Then, a mysterious dragon appears in front of the store seeking her help. He’s got a bone to pick with his fellow dragons–and he wants to hit them where it hurts.

Birdie and Jim the Dragon will need to put together a team with a fighter, a mage, a thief, and a giant to pull off a daring heist. If they succeed, they might change the world.

Or at least get Birdie an agent.


DRAGON HEIST by Alexander C. Kane is a urban fantasy novel that goes the road less traveled of not being about vampires, werewolves, or witches. Instead, it is about dragons taking over the world and proceeding to have the vast majority of humankind not really care. It’s a humorous novel akin to his excellent Andrea Vernon series where the protagonist was a secretary working at a superhero corporation. In this case, our protagonist, Birdie Binkowitz, t is a washed-up voice actress living in Tuskaloosa, Alabama as a feed and seed stock clerk.

Birdie’s life changes dramatically when she makes a pact with a dragon fleeing from the dragons of Tennessee and Georgia to become his “Vox.” This results in the dragon gaining the ability to speak (as a Southern hick she names Jim) as well as Birdie becoming ensnared in Jim’s plot to rob the other dragons of the country. The dragons rule the world and since they aren’t interested in anything other than gold or jewels, most people are content to let them remain rulers of the world.

Jim the Dragon is something of a quirky patron and easily distracted by the trivialities of Southern living. His plan is also to assemble a Dungeons and Dragons-esque heroes with a Fighter, Thief, Giant, Mage, and Archer. All of them are oddball Southerners and people that Birdie more or less recruits through sheer dumb luck. I came to like all of them through the story and Birdie dealing with them is a source of constant humor.

Birdie, herself, is a great character that was an incredibly snobby and spoiled child star before circumstances meant her career ended before it began. She’s been basically stewing in her own resentment for the better part of ten years. Listening to everyone’s opinions about her drunken antics and mayhem is hilarious. It’s also fun when we find out her hidden depths like her immense love of roller skating.

The narration and writing is really well-done. Both managed to capture the peculiarities of Southern living. As a lifelong resident of the South, the quirkiness of rural living is properly captured. Things like the oddball characters, interrelationship of characters, constant gossip, and struggle against other more prosperous states is all true to my experience.

If you’re looking for a fun and hilarious audiobook that involves dragons as well as quirky townsfolk then this is an excellent purchase. Alexander C. Kane never makes his world too dangerous or too serious. This is a great book and you won’t regret listening.

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