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Who loves a super short read? I do! I enjoy books of all sizes (sometimes the longer the better), but now and again, a short evening read is the best way to close out a day. When it has elements of the paranormal, even better! The Amherst Haunting checks the boxes above.

Amherst Haunting Review:

In Nova Scotia, there was a case of a young girl, Esther, who was reportedly possessed by the devil. Strange things were happening to her, in the presence of others, who were witnessing the terrifying events. Object being thrown, the bed shaking violently, and a sickness that overtook her. Everything that happened to Esther was being witnessed by members of her family. While many of these happenings have been met with skepticism, the fact that there were eyewitnesses cannot be overlooked. 

My Thoughts On The Amherst Haunting:

It was an interesting read, and written in such a way that if you are a fast reader, you can finish this book in around 30 minutes. Love paranormal? This is your book! Not sure? Read this one and see what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts about the book. I am on the fence about paranormal events (pretty sure my house has a resident ghost), but still not sure where I am on it. 

There were two things that I had to sit back and think about. First, this is listed as a true story. But then, the book says it’s a novel. So there is a bit of confusion there, and something that many will take a look at and write off. It is for you to make up your own mind, and tell us, true story? Or a novel carefully crafted to seem real? 

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